People see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and say whynot!

– George Bernard Shaw

Avaliable soon on:

  • whynot
    Pizza with truffles
    for 10$
  • whynot
    Sailing on the Hudson
    for 20$
  • whynot
    Spicy tofu salad
    for 8$
  • whynot
    LOVE souvenirs
    for 5$


whynot gives freedom to creative consumers beyond the "freedom of choice". It empowers with the ability to create choices. After few thousand years of vendor driven economy whynot the other way around?

The platform is a place where you can publish your wish for innovative product, service or event, invite friends to join and as the demand grows virally - watch local vendors come on your terms. You can also discover what your friends and other creative consumers are wishing for and join them in their quest.

whynot is a place where You make things happen!

How it works?


The discovery board is the face of whynot, it’s what users see when opening the site. It's filled with user generated wishes of all types and categories. The most relevant wishes will eventually attract the attention of vendors who can make them come true.

Make a wish

The wishes are a central part of the platform. We worked towards making the wish making process as easy and as fun as possible and we’ve managed to enable the user to make a wish in under a minute. It's much easier than waiting for a falling star or rubbing a magic lamp.


The wishboards are user created collections of wishes. The users can create as many wishboards that they like in order to better organize the whynot experience. Placing wishes into them is very easy – with an exciting drag and drop or with a simple clicking of a call to action link below every wish.

The team

  • Emil Stefkov

    Founder & CEO

    The creative vision of Emil is the driving force of whynot. His ideas and philosophies are the foundations of the platform. A successful entrepreneur with a whynot attitude to life and business.

  • Igor Janevski

    Lead Developer

    Igor is a highly motivated professional with an uncompromising can-do attitude. An experienced developer in all areas of technology, Igor makes the team ideas come to life.

  • Filip Mishevski

    UX Designer & Product Manager

    A multidisciplinary designer turned Product Manager, Filip is responsible for how things look and feel. His mission is to make the product achieve its full potential.


We would love advisors and investors like you on board to join our Whynot story. Drop us a line or two and we’ll meet in our NYC whynot coffee shops. We’d love to tell you more about our excellent product!

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